Membership - By-laws

1. Terms of Reference

1.1 The name of the Section is the “IRSE (Hong Kong) Section”.

1.2 The Registered Office of the Section is situated in Hong Kong.

1.3 The objectives of forming the IRSE (Hong Kong) Section are:

1.3.1 To promote and advance the practice of railway signal and telecommunication engineering professions and to facilitate the exchange of information, views and ideas among members and to share experiences and report on their work.

1.3.2 To advance the interests of the profession of railway signal and telecommunication engineering and those engaged therein.

1.3.3 To promote contact and communication with the railway signal and telecommunication engineering professions in the neighbouring countries.

2. Constitution

2.1 The IRSE (Hong Kong) Section shall have and shall be governed by a local committee named the IRSE (Hong Kong) Committee which shall be responsible to and under the direction of the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers in United Kingdom.

2.2 The IRSE (Hong Kong) Committee consists of members of the Institution elected by the member resident in Hong Kong.

2.3 The Committee shall consist of a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, a Secretary, seven Committee Members and eleven Executive Members.

3. Members

3.1 The members of the Hong Kong Section shall preferably be members of IRSE.

3.2 All members of Hong Kong Section shall observe and shall be bound by the Section’s By-Laws and regulations made by the Committee pursuant to these By-Laws.

4. Conduct of Members of Hong Kong Section

All members of the IRSE (Hong Kong) section shall observe and shall be bound by the Code of Conduct issued by IRSE(UK) from time to time.

5. Register of Members of Hong Kong Section

5.1 A Register of members of Hong Kong Section shall be kept which contains the names, addresses and occupations of every member of the Section.

5.2 All members shall promptly notify the Secretary of any change of address or occupation and the Secretary shall acknowledge such change and record it in the Register.

5.3 No entries shall be made in the register until the persons have paid to the Section the necessary fees and subscriptions.

6. Entrance Fee and Annual Subscription

6.1 In addition to the annual subscription to IRSE (U.K.), members of Hong Kong Section shall pay annual subscription to IRSE (Hong Kong) Section. Subscription paid will not be refunded in any cases.

6.2 Annual subscriptions are due and payable in advance either on March 1st or September 1st in each year for the year then commencing, and shall be paid at the latest on or before May 1st or November 1st respectively in each year.

6.3 Any member whose annual subscription remains unpaid after the 1st day of May or 1st day of November in any year shall not be entitled to attend or to take part in any meetings of the Section.

6.4 The Hong Kong Section shall have power to settle the amount of entrance fees and subscriptions and to increase and decrease the same at any time when such need arise.

6.5 The Hong Kong Section may refuse to continue to receive the Annual Subscription of any members, who shall have wilfully acted in contravention of the By-Laws of the Section or articles of Association of the Institution.

7. Application of Enrolment to Hong Kong Section

7.1 An application of enrolment to the Hong Kong Section for IRSE members is approved upon application is received if he / she satisfies the Local Section’s entry requirements and resides in Hong Kong or neighbouring areas.

7.2 All applications for members of Hong Kong Section shall be supported by two Members who shall have personal knowledge of the applicant and his/her qualification and the application form signed.

8. Annual General Meeting

8.1 An Annual General Meeting shall be held once in two calendar years at such time and place as may be determined by the Committee.

8.2 All new local committee members may hold office from the date of Annual General Meeting at which they take office to the next Annual General Meeting.

8.3 At each Annual General Meeting, the Committee shall appoint a registered Accountant to conduct a management review on all books of account and vouchers and expenditure records of the Section. A copy of the management review statement shall be sent to each member before the Annual General Meeting.

9. Notice of General Meeting

9.1 At least twenty-one days’ notice in advance of Annual General Meeting shall be given to all members specifying the place, the day and the time of meeting.

9.2 The accidental omission to have notice to, or the non-receipt of notice by, any member of the Section, shall not invalidate the proceeding at any Annual General Meeting or any resolution passed thereat.

10. Election of Executive Members

10.1 Not later than four weeks before the date of the Annual General Meeting, the Committee shall circulate to all members the names of members nominated for election as Executive Members of Committee. Nomination shall be returned to and received by the Secretary of the Section within the time specified on the Nomination Form. Or members can submit their nomination to the Committee. Nomination shall be supported by 10 members and shall be returned to and received by the Secretary of the Section within the time specified on the Nomination Form.

10.2 The Committee shall determine from time to time the numbers of Elected Committee/Executive Members of the Committee. No member shall be eligible for election to the committee without having been registered a member of the IRSE for at least one year.

10.3 All Executive Members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting by a simple majority of members of the Section present in person and entitled to vote. Committee Member shall be filled or elected from the Executive Members. Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary shall be elected by Committee and Executive Members.

10.4 In the case of an equality of votes the chairman of the Meeting shall be entitled to a second or casting vote.

11. Committee Meeting

11.1 The Committee shall meet as often as the activities of the Section required at such times and place as shall be determined from time to time by the Committee.

11.2 Issues arising at a Committee meeting shall be determined by voting by a majority of members of the Section present in person. In the case of an equality of votes the Chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote.

11.3 The Chairman, or in his absence the Vice Chairman shall take the chair at all meetings.

11.4 The appointed treasurer shall report the account status in every Committee meeting.

12. Power of the Committee

12.1 The Committee shall have full power to institute, form, set up, close down and generally regulate and govern the Section and settle the constitution, rules and by-laws governing the same.

12.2 The Committee may from time to time make such Bye-Laws as they consider desirable or necessary and withdraw, alter, amend, cancel or vary such Bye-Laws as they think proper.

12.3 The Committee shall have the sole right to deal with and decide all questions of expulsion, to hold all enquiries into the conduct of members of the Section and make decisions in regard thereto and the sole power to call for and accept the resignation of any member of the Section on any ground.


December, 2022