February 2019

In this month’s edition, there are articles on:

  • The Thameslink KO2 WTS test system
  • Railway innovation: are we really so backward?
  • West Coast Main Line re-signalling of 1960’s: geographical interlockings
  • Industry News
  • Past life of Paul Cheshire MBE
  • Reports from the IRSE office, Swiss, York and Younger Members’ sections

IRSE Merit Awards

Do you know of someone who has made a substantial contribution to the Institution’s work over a period of time by organising activities or carrying out specific tasks which have furthered the Institution’s aims and objectives?

IRSE Merit Awards are made by the IRSE Council to an IRSE member, or member of staff, or another person to recognise meritorious service to the Institution.  

If you would like to nominate someone, then please get in touch with me (  

It is recommended, wherever possible, that the nomination has the support of at least two people.


Nominations can be made by:

  • An individual IRSE member who knows of the contribution of the person
  • A Local Section Committee
  • One of the IRSE’s other Committees
  • By the IRSE Council itself
  • By another organisation in the rail industry



Fifth presidential programme technical meeting

7 February 2019; 17:00 – 20:00 CET - Darmstadt, DE

Prof. Dr. Stefan Katzenbeisser and Max Schubert will be presenting two papers exploring cyber security in railway signalling.  This event is kindly co-organised with the profile area Cyber-security of TU Darmstadt.

This event will be live streamed.  Details will be available on social media and will be posted on the events page when announced.  


Human factors in cockpits: lessons learnt in the light of ATO

Presidential Programme Technical Meeting

15 Mar 2019, 16:00-18:00; Brisbane, AU

Michael T. McNamara will be comparing human factors within the railway and aviation industries within his paper.  This event is part of the Australasian Section 2019 AGM and Technical Meeting.



Younger Members Workshops

The Younger Members’ Committee are organising a number of events to support the professional development of those who are early in their career, including events to prepare for the IRSE professional exam and to develop technical knowledge.  Announcements will be made through fliers, social media and the Younger Members’ area of the website.

Dates for your diary


Dinner with the Swiss section

1st February - Zurich, CH

A dinner with some of the members of the Swiss section in Zurich


Presentations on future radio systems for railways

7th February - St Denis, FR

Talks by Michael Mikulandra and Bertrand Taquin in St Denis


Developing Professionals Presentation Competition

14th February - Glasgow, UK

Opportunity for those new to the rail industry to present on the challenges faced by them, and for those who have been in the industry a while, an opportunity to hear about the challenges being faced.  Prizes will be awarded to the best presentations.


4LM Modernising the oldest part of the Underground

28th February -  London, UK

Technical presentation on the unique scenarios faced by the 4 Lines Modernisation Project on the London Underground.  Event being held in Stratford, London.

Registration required before 25 Feb


General meeting and visit to Hafenbahn Schweiz

9th March - Kleinhüningen, Brasilea, CH

Registration for this Swiss section event should be by 15 Feb.