The December edition of IRSE NEWS is now available online

This month’s edition contains articles on:

  • The location and control of assets in smartrail 4.0
  • 250 editions of IRSE News
  • It’s only data
  • Connectivity enables innovation
  • Past lives of Roy Bell MBE and Swati Prusty

There is also industry news, news from the IRSE and reports from the Midland & North Western, London & South East, Plymouth and York Local Sections.

You can also see all previous editions on the recent issues and archive pages on the IRSE website.


Presidential Programme Technical Meetings


Automatic Train Operation

4th December 2018, London UK

The fourth paper in the Presidential Programme for 2018-19 will look at the use of automatic train operation (ATO) in two very high-profile projects in London. Our presenters, Nicola Furness and Andrew Simmons, have been influential in the delivery of these systems and the challenges of bringing them into service operation.

This event will be live-streamed.  

Please note that you are asked to pre-register if you are planning to attend in person due to building security and room capacity requirements.


Automatic Train Operation

7 February 2019, London UK

Two papers will be presented on the subjects of The Internet of Railway Things and Cyber-Security by Dr Michael Leinig and Prof. Katzenbeisser.


Trackworker Safety – International Technical Committee paper 

The Presidential Programme paper in March this year on Trackworker Safety by Rod Muttram and Wim Coenraad was too long to be published in full in IRSE News, so a shortened version appeared in the May 2018 edition. 

The full version is now available on the International Technical Committee page of the IRSE website.  

The document is available in the EPUB format for reading on small screen portable devices or as a printable PDF.


IRSE Annual General Meeting

26th April 2019, London, UK

All IRSE members are invited to attend the AGM.

There will be a brief review of the previous year’s annual report and accounts followed by the announcement of the names of Council members for 2019-2020. Elections to Hon Fellow and winners of awards are also announced.

The incoming President will make their Presidential address.


IRSE Dinners and Luncheons 2019

York Section Dinner; 21st March

The York Section are holding their annual dinner at the National Railway Museum sponsored by Siemens. For more information, click here.

IRSE Annual Dinner; 26th April

This year’s Annual Dinner will be held at The Savoy, London. For more information, click here.

IRSE Members' Luncheon; 12th June

All IRSE members are invited to attend the annual luncheon. It will be be held at the Union Jack Club, London. For more information, click here.


December Events:

Delivering Thameslink (ATO) on 6 December in Bristol.

Signal Maintenance in the 21st Century on 6 December in York.

Innovations in the era of Industry 4.0 on 11 December in Derby.