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Mr. PANG Kwok Wai

Chairman, Session 2016 - 2018

Mr. PANG Kwok Wai has over 37 years’ experience in the transportation industry covering operations, maintenance, management development and multi-discipline large scale projects. His last post in the Mass Transit Railway Corporation of Hong Kong was the Infrastructure Development & Engineering Asset Manager, who acted as the Asset Owner to coordinate with all infrastructure related Project Teams (including Civil, Power, Track, Signal, Control & Communications) on design, implementation, testing of all new Lines, Extensions and major asset replacements to assure that they comply with the operation, maintenance, safety and recovery requirements at the lowest Life Cycle Cost and minimal impact to existing services. This Closer Pre-ownership Arrangement together with the Asset Assurance System (ISO55000) will be introduced to the Canal project.

From 2007 to 2013, Mr. PANG was the Infrastructure Maintenance Manager for the East Rail & Ma On Shan Lines of the MTR to ensure that all infrastructure related O&M and Project activities were implemented to the highest standards of safety, quality, reliability and availability. From 2003 to 2007, he was the Signal & Communications Manager of the Kowloon Canton Railway Corporation, who directed all design, maintenance and project activities on Signalling, Control and Telecommunications systems of the KCRC. From 1997 to 2003, he was the Electrical Engineering Manager of the KCRC responsible for all electrical systems including Traction Supply and Overhead Lines.

The Nicaragua Canal Development Project includes building of the Canal together with 2 ports, an airport, a free trade zone, a hydro power station and large numbers of associated infrastructure. This is a mega size multi-discipline project resulting in major assets to be operate and maintain. Mr. PANG's expertise in Asset Assurance and Safety Systems can ensure that the systems acquired complies with all functional and safety requirements at the lowest Life Cycle Cost with minimum technical risks leading to smooth handover to operate and maintained phase of the project.

Mr. PANG’s extensive knowledge and experience in E&M Systems, International Tendering, Contract Management, Supply Chain Management, Stake Holder Management, Risk Management, Design Management, Interface Management, Project Management, Crisis Management, Operation Safety and Maintenance can certainly help smooth implementation of the project.

Mr. PANG obtained his Master degree in Business and Administration from the University of Warnborough (U.K.). He is at present the Chairman of the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers (Hong Kong Section). Since 2006, he has been a visiting professor of the Beijing Jiaotong University who also acts as an advisor on development of railway safety and signaling systems in China. He has been a Fellow Member of the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers (U.K.) since 1995 and a member of the Education & Professional Development Committee since 2003. He has been a Corporate Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (U.K.) since 2002 and an Executive Committee Member of the Hong Kong Section since 2008.

17 June 2016

The IRSE is an international group of railway signalling engineers, which was incorporated in 1912, with the general aim of advancing the science of railway signalling and control systems engineering. It has 2665 members and associates worldwide. In 1995 the President of the Institution inaugurated the Hong Kong section. The Institution has an annual growth of 2.8% in Hong Kong.
To bring together people engaged in or associated with railway signalling in South East Asia to share their experiences, ideas and to report on their work.To provide a local service to IRSE members.

To promote, advance and recognise signalling engineering and practice in Hong Kong and South East Asia.

To facilitate education and training of younger engineers.




Providing a forum for railway signalling practitioners to share information.

Publishing papers presented by members in related conferences.

Participating and supporting railway engineering exhibitions in South East Asia.

Disseminating news on the latest signalling developments.broadening membership to include telecommunication and railway computer control practitioners.

Assisting younger members to attain corporate membership of IRSE.Establishing relationships with appropriate institutions in South East Asia.

Establishing the status of the singalling profession and raising awareness of the role played by signalling practitioners in railway safety.

Facilitating the networking of members both from within the region and from other parts of the world.Providing support to members taking the IRSE examinations.


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